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restarts - The powerful alternative to SC Command

restarts.exe - Restarts Windows System Services
License: GNU/GPL 3
Contact: Kerem Gümrükcü <>

First read the License! Its GNU/GPL3! If you dont
have it or cant find it with this application see here:


Windows NT based Operating System starting at
Windows 2000, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher
Administrative User Context (Administrator) for
most of the Tasks. Some can even be done by Standard
Users, like Service and Process Queries. Impersonation
into another user context is possible from less powerful
to more powerful user context.


The "restarts" application is a very powerful windows service
controlling software from which you can restart, stop, start,
delete, create, query, etc,...remotely and locally. It comes with
lots of handy commands and many many functions on windows
services. Type "restarts -help" at the command prompt to get
detailed help on it.

  • control local and remote services in any way like, enable, disable, start, stop, etc,...
  • create or delete local or remote services
  • list local and remote Services and Processes
  • query detailed local and remote Process and Service Information
  • kill or start local and remote processes and services
  • can load script files to process multiple commands like a batchfile
  • file association with "*.restarts" files to process their content
by simply clicking them. See "restarts -sh" for more info.
  • imerpsonate from less powerful account into another account with user credentials
to execute commands which need more access rights
  • logon and impersonate on local or remote systems
  • open registry keys from command line
  • application registry configuration editor or open registry key in registry editor directly
  • invoke operating system level command like, logoff, reboot, shutdown, etc,..
  • get networking information from local system, send ping, arp, dns requests to hosts
  • and lots of other interesting functions,...


-PlugIn System to handle Service Events


Not really a bug but a advise: Not all Commands
can be executed on a remote system and Remote System
must have running the "remoteregistry" Service to
get access from restarts.exe to the remote system.
Simply type "restarts remoteregistry" (on the remote system!!!)
to start the service on the remote system or enable it
on the remote system.

If you have questions feel free to contact me:

Please also report any bugs to me and for sure
improvement suggestions!

Have fun!


Kerem Gmrükcü

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